You might be thinking what a redheaded Irish person is doing as the manager of a Lebanese Restaurant. As a matter of fact i’m fully Lebanese. 

My name is Adam Chatila and have been the general manager of Manakeesh since 2019, after finishing my education at Temple University.  

I also happen to be the son of the owner, Wissam Chatila. Who opened Manakesh in 2011, because he missed eating the fresh baked flatbreads back in his home country, and to serve as a place which allows for the local community to experience Lebanese culture and food. 

One of my biggest achievements at Manakeesh was introducing the wood charcoal grill, After taking a trip to Lebanon, I had the opportunity to learn the techniques and secrets of Levant grilled meats from grill masters, and brought them to Manakeesh to serve to the community, and since then our the charcoal grill has become focal point the of Manakeesh’s Menu, with the chicken Tawook kebob being the star. 

As manager my goal is maintaining the quality, service and cleanliness of this establishment, and to serve as an example of our Lebanese culture to the local community. 

Have a great experience at Manakeesh. Peace.

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