Lebanese Open Flame Goodness


Manakeesh, a traditional Lebanese flatbread, serving one person. It starts with a dough made from scratch, poked, then topped with different traditional Lebanese toppings and spreads. The most popular vegetarian manakeesh is the combo, which is half of our secret akkawi cheese blend, and half zaatar, an herb spread made of sesame, thyme, sumac, and oil. The most popular meat manakeesh is the lahmbajeen, which is made from ground meat, onions, peppers, garlic, and Lebanese spices, spread on the homemade dough, then baked in our imported open-flame oven. 

At manakeesh we also specialize in elevating other traditional Lebanese street foods, from succulent shawarma wraps, to the famous chicken tawook kebob grilled over wood charcoal served with creamy garlic sauce. And on the sweet side we have our award winning baklava and much more. 

A Lebanon food tour awaits you, here at Manakeesh cafe Bakery and Grill

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